Learn To Heal
We at Nalam India, are imparting the knowledge of natural health systems to those peoples who are willing to learn and also wish to serve public.

NALAM INDIA gives training in Acupuncture and Acupressure, in Tamil and English. We are having two levels, for family healing and public healing. Details below…

1 HOME HEALERS: (To heal family and friends)

After attending this course one could have the clear idea about the acu system and it workings. We cover the concepts of body & classical acupuncture. With these knowledge one can effectively heal themselves and their families / friends, for various health problems.acu

Through our personal training one can easily learn the symptom based body acupuncture / acupressure, as well as the Classical Method of pulse diagnosis, the most accurate way of acu system.

Topics Covered: Acu System Works, Energies of Acu System, Yin-Yang System, Acu Pathways, Acu Point Location, Healing Points, Needling Basics, Potent Points, Pulse Diagnosis and Treatment.

Duration: 6 Days of 90 mins
Classes on either ‘Weekdays: 2 classes on Saturday & Tuesday’ or’ Sundays’
Time: 3:00 Pm

2 Master Diploma In Acupuncture Therapy (To Serve Public)

Duration: 26 weeks
Time: Every Sunday 10:00 Am  – 1:00 Pm

Topic Covered: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Physiology of classical acupuncture, Disease and Nature Cure, Diagnosis and Treatment, Theories and Point location practical, Advance Pulse.

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