Our body always strives to be in balance.

A complete state of balance of our body's VITAL ENERGY (that flows around our body) is refered as optimal health. When illness is present it strives to return to balance.

Our body is providing information to us on the imbalances.  What we consider to be “symptoms” are actually messages from our body alerting us that something is wrong at a deeper level that needs to be addressed.img
Disease are said to occur due to imbalance or blockage in our body's vital energy. The Vital energy when get blocked or stagnated leads to disease.  By removing the blockage or stimulating the flow of energy, our body can naturally heal itself.

At NALAM INDIYA we help set the stage for healing by providing the body with the tools it needs to return to optimal health.

Natural healing systems that we were practicing are Acupuncture, Acupressure, Food Theraphy and Mudras. These are used to relieve energetic imbalances, that too

    Without medicine
    Without side-effect

Also ‘NALAM INDIYA’ gives training on FINGER TOUCH HEALING for individuals to treat their health hazards with their own finger.

Benefits of Natural Healing Systems: Some of the health benefits of the natural healing are

Facilitates free flow of vital energy
Improves blood flow
Removes  toxins
Builds bodies restinace power against various illness
Helps in curing disease and pains
Balances inner Heat and Cold, that prevent various complication

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